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Primary Care Networks (PCNs)

Expert support in setting up and running your network.

The objective of primary care networks is for group practices together to create more collaborative workforces which ease the pressure of GP’s, leaving them better able to focus on patient care. The aim is that by July 2019, all areas within England will be covered by a PCN.

The fact is that the development of primary care networks is not wildly different from what is already in place. A large percentage of practices currently operate as some kind of network. The concept is not new, but the added benefits are, allowing practices to be more efficient and effective in providing the best services for their patients.

How we can help

Our team of expert solicitors are on hand to help you complete the legal process of forming your PCNs. With the support of the BMA and a wealth of experience in working with GP Practices and LMCs, BMA Law are in the best position to support you.

BMA Law PCN support services

We understand that every PCN will be different depending on structure, size and location. That’s why we can tailor our service to what you require. Costs will vary depending on what you need but we promise to always be transparent, providing you bespoke service quotes where possible and always maintaining preferential rates for BMA members.


Fixed price support packages

We currently offer two different service packages:

Full Bespoke PCN offer

Expert support tailored to your PCNs specific needs. Our full package covers any legal and accountancy issues which may affect your PCN. Allow our expert team to take a full view of your individual needs, so you can rest assured that the practices in your PCN are fully protected.

Our service offering includes among other things:

  • Choosing the right operating model
  • Considering potential pros and cons
  • Drawing up the Network Agreement
  • Considering and drawing up appropriate employment or sub-contracting arrangements
  • Understanding data-handling obligations and requirements within a PCN

Download full specification >


Locality Pro-Forma offer

We offer a package price that covers legal and accountancy support in drawing up pro forma versions of the Network Agreement for adaptation and use in a specific locality (eg covering an LMC, CCG or Federation geography) in connection with the following models:

  • a lead practice PCN model; and/or
  • a model whereby service delivery is provided by a GP Federation. (“the Models”)

Download full specification >


Delivered by primary care experts Mills & Reeve and specialist AISMA accountants, our support is priced on a pence per patient rate and is designed to assist you and your fellow network practices. Get in touch to discuss how we can help.

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