27th April 2022

Webinar – Why mediate?

Wednesday, 04 May 2022, 1pm-2pm

Don’t miss out our webinar about mediation.

Mediation is an effective way of resolving harmful conflict in a constructive way, focusing on solutions. An impartial mediator helps the parties find their own solution to tricky situations.

Mediation is voluntary: parties must agree to mediate.

It is confidential.

In this 45 minute webinar, BMA Law’s expert will introduce you to mediation process, practice and law and you will learn about:

  • Types of mediation: workplace, commercial, judicial
  • Pros and cons: conflict involves time, stress, uncertainty, costs
  • When to mediate: is it ever too early or too late?
  • Preparation for mediation: documents, discussions
  • The mediation day: online or in person, the process and role of mediator
  • When will mediation become compulsory in the civil courts?

There will be 15 minutes for questions at the end.

Register today using the link here.

Why mediate?