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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I’m a BMA Member, why should I pay for your services?
The BMA offers you a wealth of excellent services and support but sometimes, you need independent, professional legal advice. That is why the BMA developed BMA Law, to offer members regulated legal services at the best rates possible. We promise to always be open about charges and provide fixed fees where possible.

What makes you different from the BMA?
As a licensed law firm, our solicitors provide regulated legal advice and services. To be fully regulated we must be independent from the BMA. We avoid any conflict of interest, so we can fully support our clients, whatever they may need.

As a member, what discounted rates can I expect?
Charges vary on a case by case basis, but as a BMA member, you and your family can usually expect between 20 and 25% off our regular service rates.

Do you only work with BMA members?
No, we gladly work with doctors who are non BMA members, but you will receive different rates.

How do you work out costs?
Once you contact BMA Law, our first response unit will take your information and refer you to a specialist lawyer, who will handle your query quickly and efficiently. They will provide a free initial discussion before quoting for the scope of work. Our team ensure that you are always aware of charges, with no hidden costs. Please note that we cannot provide any legal advice on the initial phone call.

Do you do all the work in-house?
We have our own team of specialist healthcare lawyers, based in our offices at BMA House, who handle much of the work. To make our offer as broad as possible, we have also built strong relationships with a select band of other leading law firms. Once your query has been assessed, you will be referred to the appropriate specialist, whether in-house or external. And you’ll always be offered the same preferential BMA member rates.

What makes you different from other law firms?
We’re expert, dedicated and passionate. Although we operate independently, we maintain our strong links with the BMA, giving us unique insight into the issues that directly affect members. We are also a not-for profit law firm, and all surplus is reinvested into services for you.

We look after your legal needs, so you can look after your patients.


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