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Litigation and Inquests

Expert legal representation when you when you need it most

Facing a criminal allegation against you, whether in your professional or personal life, is always stressful. Our expert solicitors are readily available to act on your behalf to protect your legal interests. We have specialist expertise in representing members of the medical profession and can support you through each stage of the police and court process.

If you are contacted by the police in relation to criminal proceedings, you should contact BMA Law immediately, and make no comment until you have spoken to your legal representative.

If you are invited to give evidence to HM Coroner’s officer, our specialist team will assist you with representation and advise you on the preparation for the Inquest hearing should you be invited to appear as an interested party to the proceedings.


We endeavour to agree a fixed fee wherever possible so that you have the comfort of knowing
that costs will not spiral.

Unlike other law firms we operate on a not-for-profit basis and so our primary focus is providing
quality legal services at competitive rates. Any surpluses are reinvested into services for doctors.

We work with our expert partners Capital Law who have a wealth of experience and success in Litigation cases.

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