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Primary Care Networks (PCNs)

Expert support in setting up and running your network.

The objective of primary care networks is for group practices together to create more collaborative workforces which ease the pressure of GP’s, leaving them better able to focus on patient care. The aim is that by July 2019, all areas within England will be covered by a PCN.

The fact is that the development of primary care networks is not wildly different from what is already in place. A large percentage of practices currently operate as some kind of network. The concept is not new, but the added benefits are, allowing practices to be more efficient and effective in providing the best services for their patients.

How we can help

Our team of expert solicitors are on hand to help you complete the legal process of forming your PCNs. With the support of the BMA and a wealth of experience in working with GP Practices and LMCs, BMA Law are in the best position to support you.

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