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A partnership dispute with premise issues

A real-life example of the struggles when a partnership turns sour

The issue
BMA Law were instructed on behalf of a GP who was one of two partners left in a London practice. At the time, three retired partners were threatening proceedings for payment of their share of the premises which were held in a separate deed. To make matters more difficult, the client was in dispute with the remaining partner and couldn’t raise the requested funding.

What did BMA Law do?
At the time of instruction, the two remaining partners were not speaking. BMA Law avoided the threat of more formal proceedings and resolved the dispute by way of commercial mediation. This
led to a dissolution of the partnership and a sale of the premises.

The result
The sale of the property resulted in a return to the client in excess of £600,000. When instructed, they
were worried about their financial position and the threat of proceedings, but BMA Law secured an
agreement which allowed them to retire without liabilities and with a significant capital payment.