Andrew Bradshaw, Deputy Chief Executive, North and South Essex Local Medical Committees Ltd

The ability to obtain a legal opinion very quickly on a range of contractual and commissioning issues has greatly enhanced the range and quality of services that the LMCs in Essex are able to offer constituent Practices.

Chris Locke, Chief Executive of Nottinghamshire Local Medical Committee Ltd and the LMC Buying Groups Federation

Our LMC has been a client of BMA Law for a number of years. I am happy to say that we find the service we receive to be prompt, apposite and thorough, and we consider the retainer package represents good value for money.

Dr David Dickson, Medical Secretary, South Staffordshire LMC

South Staffs LMC has used the services of BMA Law for several years in order to fulfil the need for in depth legal advice. We have received speedy responses and the telephone discussions have also been helpful. We therefore recommend their service as a necessary addition to the resources required by a LMC.

Tania, GP Partner

BMA Law wrote my new partnership agreement, when my existing partner retired and I took on a new partner.

We chose BMA Law as they have a good reputation and I had good experience of them in the past. There are also BMA member rates. Rob was very helpful throughout the whole process. He replied very promptly to any queries and explained things in a way that were straightforward to understand. He was always available to provide advice and support. The paperwork was drawn up quickly, met the partnership’s needs and set out everything very clearly for both partners.

I would highly recommend BMA Law and would certainly use them again in future.

Paul Hanlon, Business Manager, Charnwood Community Medical Group

BMA Law helped us to put together an up to date Partnership and Shareholders agreement earlier in the year. Rob’s guidance and help was integral to us getting both of the documents reading as we wanted. BMA Law has an understanding of General Practice which proved invaluable.

Chris Corrigan, Carlisle Healthcare

Our Practice embarked on the long journey of selling three of our premises to a property company, then to lease them back. One of these sits on land owned by another property company.

Don’t underestimate the complexity of such a transfer of ownership and drafting a lease that protects the Partners, done for all the right reasons, but needs to be done carefully to ensure that exit from one list of problems isn’t swapped with entry into leases with even greater risks for the future.

It has been a tortuous journey, initially in securing the right terms of deal with the purchaser, then NHS England wanting their penneth then the landowner wanting to meddle with the whole deal to his own gain!

However, Rob Day was superb all the way through this. His calm approach was extremely reassuring, giving a confidence that all was solvable, skilfully navigating round the various obstacles on the way. Rob was extremely patient with my multiple anxieties, always giving a rapid response to my queries and frequent emails, usually within the hour.

Rob and his company, as linked with the BMA, have a unique benefit and understanding that proved to be of particular benefit when dealing with the bureaucracy within the NHS system to unlock their somewhat obstructive demands at times. I am sure that without that knowledge and familiarity we would still be trying to sort the whole transfer today!

Thanks to you and your team, a job well done!

Prof Peter Davies, retired hospital consultant

Clayton has been brilliant.

He was in personal touch within a few hours of my ringing BMA Law with an account of my legal problem. After a short telephone call he had clearly grasped the situation. Thanks to his drafting a total of three letter of appeal against my DBS Barring the Barring threat has been lifted.

I have been able to resume a normal life again.

Anon GP Trainee who faced a GMC investigation

I would like to say thank you to Mr Clayton Williams who was very professional towards my case. I had referred myself very late to BMA law however Mr Williams went out of his way on several occasions to reassure me and support me through the GMC investigation.

My case was extremely complex however Mr Williams was able to answer my queries and successfully guided me in right direction. Successfully managing to secure the right outcome for me.

I would recommend BMA law to other doctors who find themselves investigated by GMC for what ever reason.

Dr Ian Rummens, Medical Secretary, Shropshire LMC

I am pleased to say that BMA Law have always dealt with my enquiries promptly and efficiently and given good and helpful advice.

Dr I Schofield, Director South Charnwood GP Network Limited

…your efficiency has been much appreciated.

C Maley, Interim CEO LLR Provider Company Limited

I found your help getting to the final stage really helpful.

Dr Y Bell. Partner, Harley Street Medical Practice, Stoke.

…very supportive and in tune with our concerns.

Dr N Banna. Partner, Layer Road Surgery

…easily reachable…prompt, thorough and clearly communicated advice.