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An expert and comprehensive partnership drafting service

Partnerships remain the most prominent business model in the healthcare sector and we offer a cost-effective and streamlined drafting service to document your working relationship with your partners and reduce risk.

Our service is fine-tuned to capture the specific intricacies and requirements of your partnership, so we can quickly draw up and complete a document that is practical, sector-specific and bespoke.

From covering the possibility of 24 hour retirement, to documenting locum arrangements, you can be sure we’ll understand your requirements and provide the necessary support and advice to navigate you through this sometimes tricky process.

We offer a fixed-fee service for preparing the first draft of your partnership agreements, so you can rest assured that you are getting the best possible support without the fear of spiralling costs. Don’t forget – BMA members benefit from discounted rates across our services.

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When should you review your partnership agreement?

There are certain events in a partnership’s lifetime that should trigger a review of the agreement. These include new and retiring partners, along with disputes, changes in legislation.

Unlock the secrets to successful GP partnerships with Sofia Parmar in this insightful webinar, where she demystifies key clauses in Partnership Deeds. Gain invaluable insights into the importance of keeping your partnership agreement current and learn about crucial provisions, ensuring your practice operates seamlessly. Don’t miss this opportunity to understand the consequences of operating as a partnership at will and discover how this webinar can provide the support you need to navigate these critical aspects of healthcare partnerships.

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Partnership Agreement webinar, October 2023

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