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Resolving workplace disputes constructively and efficiently.

Our highly specialist team of mediators can foster a resolution to disputes that seem destined for court.

We encourage open and constructive dialogue that empowers you to come to an agreement on your own terms.

We offer a fixed fee mediation service that covers an 8-hour mediation session plus its preparation – an alternative to the expense and uncertainty of court proceedings.

Mediation is voluntary and we can facilitate a forum and environment that is conducive to settlement. With experts at the heart of the healthcare profession, who will understand the complexities of your dispute, you can be confident your mediator will give you the best chance of reaching a resolution.


  • fast resolutions to issues, or ongoing disputes
  • cost effective alternative to litigation
  • flexible approach to reaching agreement



8-hour mediation (excluding preparation)

BMA Members: From £3,500 + VAT

Non-members: From £3,675 + VAT

Free employment advice

If you are a BMA member, you are entitled to receive employment advice (either as an employer or employee).

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