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NHSPS Leases

In 2017, GPC and NHSPS negotiated to improve conditions for GPs who occupy NHSPS-owned properties. One of the main outcomes of these negotiations, which were supported by BMA Law, was the creation of a template lease.

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If your practice occupies an NHSPS property on an unwritten or uncertain basis, NHSPS or one of their agents (which includes Montagu Evans LLP) will be writing to you to explain what to do next. When you receive this communication, practices are encouraged to seek legal advice, before entering into any agreement.

Why is legal advice important?

True to its name, the ‘template lease’ is just that: a template. While it offers guidance on what a lease should look like, the final document should be bespoke to you. A lease is a legally binding document, so the wording must be precise in order to avoid disputes during or at the end of your tenancy.

How can BMA Law help?

Thanks to our unique relationship with BMA, BMA Law is well placed to provide the expert legal advice you need. As we assisted in the negotiations, we have the detailed knowledge required to ensure that benefits negotiated by the BMA are met.

In addition to NHS England’s contributions towards SDLT and legal fees, there are a number of other terms that they have agreed to honour. Sector-specific legal advice is recommended to ensure that you get the best out of the lease.

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Whether you have already been contacted by NHSPS (or one of its agents, such as Montagu Evans LLP) about your lease, or would simply like to find out more, BMA Law can help. Our expert team will guide you through the process, and ensure that your new lease meets your practice’s needs.

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